How to Create Professional Training Videos (For Free) (2023)

You could say that training video content is a must-have these days. Among other things, it can help you provide excellent customer service, a memorable customer experience, an engaging virtual onboarding experience, or even help you realize your online business ideas (in case you want to publish an online course, for example). What’s more, in a recent survey by Shift E-learning, 42% of companies said online learning via video has lead to increased revenue.

Whether you already have an online course website or you find yourself wandering aimlessly on the web trying to figure out how to create training videos, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

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How to Create Online Training Videos

Follow these four simple steps to create training videos.

Step 1: Select a topic

You need to know exactly what you are trying to accomplish with your business training videos. Will you be teaching professional skills ? Or will you be taking the trainees through a workflow? Having a full understanding of the message and the knowledge you are trying to convey is a huge part of what makes a good e-learning course.

Step 2: Create an outline

Whether you’re working on customer service training videos, employee onboarding tutorials or a software demo, creating an outline is the most critical element of the workflow. Write down your main ideas with a few minor details to back each of them. You’ll use the outline later to write your script or to narrate your video.

Step 3: Write Your Script (Optional)

Scripts are especially useful when you’re new to creating eLearning videos.Once you’re a professional, you can speak by simply looking at the outline but, if this is your first video and it’s going to be a short one, it could be a good idea to have a script. You can hire someone to record a voice-over to an audio file and then just edit the video accordingly.

Step 4: Record your camera, your computer screen or both

Now you’ll want to decide whether or not you’re going to record a live subject or do a screen recording.

To record a live subject, you may need to climb a steep learning curve and you’ll face stiff competition on YouTube. Here is a tutorial to get you started, should you choose to go this way.

Caption: Most of the “talking head” tutorials on YouTube look like professional video productions.

On the other hand, capturing your screen is a cost-effective and easy way to get your point across with visual demonstrations. You’ll avoid the need for makeup, wardrobe, and professional lighting.

If you don’t have to record your face, recording your screen (or your screen and facecam) can easily be done with screencast software .

That being said, you don’t need complex and expensive educational technology to record your screen. You can create effective training programs with a free screen recorder like ScreenRec (a Camtasia alternative ). ScreenRec captures screen videos quickly and it’s especially useful with its ability to record audio along with a video .

Training video software

Now that you have a basic idea of the steps to take when creating training videos for work, it’s time for you to gather your equipment.

(Video) How to Create an Effective Training Video

If you’re recording live, read this article to help you round up the necessary items.

However, assuming you’ve made the decision to use screen recording software to create your video, your list of items is relatively short. All you need is screen capture software and a video editor.

Here is a table to help you pick up the right programs for the job.


Screen Recorder

Video Editor


Can record audio

Can record mouse clicks

Easy private sharing

Easy publishing

Saves to cloud for backup


Easy to understand

Works with various formats

Saves in various formats

Compatible with screen recorder file

Produces a small video file


We’d suggest Screenrec because it’s one of the screen recording tools that has a minimal interface and is ideal for quick screen capture

ScreenRec checks all the boxes above and, what’s really nice, is that it also gives you 2GB of free private cloud

A good video editing tool to consider is Lightworks.

The features include text effects, animation and graphics effects, and many other tools to add a professional polish to your training programs.

Like ScreenRec, Lightworks is also free.

How to Create Professional Training Videos (For Free) (2)

You don’t really need dedicated training video software. You can use a screen capture tool + video editor.

How to Make an Instructional Video for Free

When you put ScreenRec and Lightworks together, you pretty much have the best software for creating training videos. You can record any kind of training videos with those two, e.g. make short instructional videos for YouTube or your internal eLearning platform. Here’s how:

1) Download Screenrec and Lightworks .

2) Prepare your script and your slides, if any. Open Screenrec and hit Alt-S or click the Record button (it looks like a video camera).

How to Create Professional Training Videos (For Free) (3)

3) Click the microphone icon to use your built-in microphone for narration. Once you’ve finished recording, click the stop button.

4) Use Lightworks to add music and make awesome edits. We recommend exporting your tutorial in the .mp4 format as it is compatible with almost all modern devices. Before uploading your video, be sure to use a thumbnail creator to design a click-worthy thumbnail.

How to Create Professional Training Videos (For Free) (4)

5) Upload the ready video file to YouTube, Google Drive or a private video sharing platform .

And you’re all done! Easy Peasy!

Examples of effective training videos

How to can create video tutorials that your students will want to watch? Let’s have a look at what others are doing! We’ve cherry-picked some of the best examples and tips for effective training videos.

1) Screen recording

Like we said earlier, the easiest way to create video lessons is to use screen capture software and that’s why it’s the focus of our article. This type of setup is especially suitable for customer service videos. Here’s an example.

(Video) Create Training Videos Using PowerPoint

2) Powerpoint training videos

If you have Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 or later, you can use it to capture your screen while narrating a series of slides. Here’s how to create a training video with PowerPoint and here’s how to create animated videos with it. Keep in mind, though, that this will only work within PowerPoint. You won’t be able to record other apps running on your computer and you won’t be able to record your computer audio.

3) Kinetic (moving) text

Text that flies and flashes throughout the video can keep things exciting throughout the training session.

4) Story-driven with people

Have you ever seen that guy on TV who can remember a list of 200+ items by creating a story around those items?

That same technique applies here. People tend to remember a large amount of information more successfully when it’s being given in the form of a story. Videos that feature characters and plots may help your audience retain the information.

This article goes into more detailed about story-based training videos. And here is a video that features storytelling.

5) Infographics

Infographics are animated visuals that are made up of blurbs of information. Here is an infographics-based video to get an idea of what they look like and how they work.


If you take away one thing from this article, let it be this: Keep it simple.

(Video) How to Easily Create a Great Training Video

Whether you want to create staff training videos, customer service videos or an online course, don’t get bogged down in instructional design. Just prepare an outline and, potentially, a script, and record your screen. That’s the quickest and easiest way to create training videos.

In terms of authoring tools, we recommend ScreenRec and Lightworks because both are free and come with more than enough features. ScreenRec has a friendly interface and, unlike Powerpoint, it can record your microphone and computer audio . Even though Lightworks requires a bit of learning before you can operate it with ease, it’s still one of the most powerful free editors available.

Frequently Asked Questions

You need a business video hosting platform which allows you to protect your content from thieves and monetize it if you want. We’d suggest StramingVideoProvider.

A training video delivers information to the viewer with the purpose of educating them on a certain topic or skill in a simple and entertaining way. Simply put, you watch a training video to see how to do a particular thing. Nowadays, creating training videos is a simple, yet engaging and effective way to share knowledge with others. For example, instead of typing a long-winded email, you can record your screen to teach your co-worker how to do something.

PowerPoint 2013 as well as PowerPoint 2016 have a screen recording feature. You can start it by selecting the ‘Insert’ tab after opening the program, going to the ‘Media’ section and selecting the ‘Screen recording’ option. With the PowerPoint screen recording feature you can either capture a particular area or the entire screen. The next step is to save your video as a file on your computer.

(Video) How to Create Training Videos using Microsoft Teams

References and Further Reading?

How to Create Professional Training Videos (For Free) (5)

How to Create Professional Training Videos (For Free) (6)

How to Create Professional Training Videos (For Free) (7)


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Apr 11, 2022

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How can I make a training video for free? ›

How to create training videos
  1. Start a free 7-day trial of Biteable.
  2. Pick a video template or build your own with pre-made animated scenes.
  3. Customize your video: add or remove scenes, include animated text, upload your own pictures and video clips. ...
  4. Add your company branding.

What is the best way to make a training video? ›

How to Create effective training videos that keep the viewer's attention?
  1. Step 1: Pick a topic. The first and the most crucial step in creating a training video is to pick a topic. ...
  2. Step 2: Determine the type of video. Training videos come in many types. ...
  3. Step 3: Create the script. ...
  4. Step 4: Create the video. ...
  5. Step 5: Review.

How do I make a script for training video? ›

Writing Instructional Video Scripts: Eight Top Tips
  1. Plan before you begin writing.
  2. Keep the video visuals in mind.
  3. Use a friendly and conversational tone.
  4. Avoid humour and clichés.
  5. Keep the sentences short.
  6. Use clear and simple language.
  7. Use a story structure.
  8. Read your script out loud.
Jan 30, 2022

How long should a training video be? ›

The majority of viewers want informational and instructional videos to be less than 20 minutes, with a preference toward the 3-6 minute ranges.

How long does it take to create a 5 minute training video? ›

Although a typical 5-minute 2D animation video can take 2-5 months to produce. The average time to produce a 60-90 second explainer video is 6 weeks. What is the time distribution across the stages? Let's take a look.

How do you create online training content? ›

How to Create Online Training Courses in 5 Incredibly Easy Steps
  1. Step 1: Define Your Online Training Goals and Learner Persona. ...
  2. Step 2: Create an Outline for Your Online Training. ...
  3. Step 3: Build the Content for the Online Training Courses. ...
  4. Step 4: Engage Your Learners. ...
  5. Step 5: Measure Meaningful Engagement Metrics.
Oct 1, 2021

How do you create a professional training program? ›

How to Create a Successful Training Course or Program: 10 Steps
  1. Assess your needs and develop goals and success metrics. ...
  2. Determine the type of employee training plan. ...
  3. Keep adult learning principles in mind. ...
  4. Develop learning objectives/outline. ...
  5. Finalize your training plan. ...
  6. Design and develop training materials.

How much does it cost to make a training video? ›

High-quality training video costs often range from $3,000 to $9,000 per minute—which is not only alarmingly expensive, but the huge range makes budgeting impossible. Depending on volume and style, Ninja Tropic's pricing ranges from $250-$850 per minute.

What are training videos called? ›

Screencast training videos are screen recordings of training content that are most popular with software tutorials and demos. The videos capture the actual software on-screen and typically use a voiceover narration to guide the learner to complete a set of tasks.

Can you make training videos on canva? ›

You can create professional animated training videos in Canva.

What video editing program do professionals use? ›

There are many different types of video editing software, but the most popular programs are Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, and Avid Media Composer.

What software to use for video tutorials? ›

Paid Video Tutorial Software
  • iSpring Suite. iSpring Suite is one of the best tools for creating video tutorials. ...
  • Camtasia. Camtasia is an easy-to-use screen recorder with powerful video-editing options both for Mac and Windows. ...
  • Snagit. ...
  • Ashampoo Snap 14. ...
  • ActivePresenter. ...
  • FlashBack. ...
  • Joyoshare VidiKit. ...
  • Filmora.
Feb 22, 2023

What software do professionals use for video editing? ›

Top 11 professional video-editing software
  • Movavi Video Editor. Mac OS X 10.10.5 or later, Windows 7/8/10/11. ...
  • Adobe® Premiere® Pro. Mac OS X 10.15 Catalina or later, Windows 10 version 2004 or newer. ...
  • Magix Video Pro X. Windows 8/10 or later (64-bit only) ...
  • EDIUS PRO. ...
  • Autodesk Smoke. ...
  • Avid Media Composer. ...
  • Final Cut Pro. ...
  • Hitfilm Pro.
Feb 10, 2023

How do you make a simple video script? ›

How to Write a Video Script
  1. Choose your target audience.
  2. Set a goal for your video script.
  3. Choose the main character for your video.
  4. Create a brief.
  5. Use your brief to write an outline.
  6. Start writing your script, section by section.
  7. Edit your video script.
  8. Do a verbal run-through off-camera.
Sep 1, 2022

How much does it cost to write a video script? ›

An experienced writer or production company will charge you $500 - $2,000. It's worth doing it right, because the script is the most important part of your video. A well-written script encompasses the entire concept of the video and includes the visuals written out, i.e. it's not just about the spoken audio.

What is the 20 minute rule in training? ›

The 20-minute rule means focusing on one particular task and solely focusing on that chosen activity for 20 minutes without interruptions. Nass adds that if this is done for two weeks, people could become more productive.

Are you supposed to get paid for training videos? ›

Illegal Unpaid Training in California

According to California employment law, all time your employer requires you to spend on the job, even if you are not yet “being productive” absolutely must be paid.

How do I create an online training video? ›

Let's quickly discuss the main steps in creating a training video.
  1. Step 1: Decide Your Topic And Goal. What do you want to teach in your video? ...
  2. Step 2: Choose Your Video Format. ...
  3. Step 3: Create A Storyboard. ...
  4. Step 4: Write The Script. ...
  5. Step 5: Produce The Video. ...
  6. Step 6: Edit The Video. ...
  7. Step 7: Share The Video.
Aug 31, 2022

How much does a 1 minute explainer video cost? ›

A typical explainer video costs anywhere from $500 to $10K a minute.

How much does it cost to produce a 5 minute video? ›

5-Minute Video Cost. Depending on the type of video, pricing generally range anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000 per finished minute. It's better to refer to averages when creating your budget, so a safe estimate for 5-minute videos would be $3,000 per finished minute.

How many words should a 5 minute video be? ›

For a 5 minute video, you would need around 750 words if someone is speaking the entire time. Adjust as needed for scenes without voiceover or dialogue.

What are the 5 steps in developing online content? ›

5 Vital Steps for a Successful Content Development Process
  • Set Content Goals. Before you even think about topics or audiences, consider what you want your content to accomplish. ...
  • Perform Audience Research. ...
  • Hone Your Content Strategy. ...
  • Write. ...
  • Publish and Distribute.
Feb 28, 2022

How do you create a highly interactive online training program? ›

How to create interactive online training modules
  1. Incorporate an interactive element on each slide.
  2. Add digital storytelling to your courses.
  3. Include interactive 360° images and videos.
  4. Create simulated environments where learners can freely practice.
  5. Devise branching scenarios.
May 19, 2020

How do you create good training content? ›

How to Design Training Materials for Your Employees
  1. Set Learning Objectives for Your Training Material. ...
  2. Assign Ownership to the Right Team. ...
  3. Audit & Curate Your Existing Training Material. ...
  4. Choose the Content Formats for Your Employee Training Curriculum. ...
  5. Break Down Your Training into Segments or Learning Tracks.
Nov 9, 2021

What are the 5 steps for developing a training program? ›

Training can be viewed as a process comprised of five related stages or activities: assessment, motivation, design, delivery, and evaluation.
Explore five stages of the training process:
  1. Assess.
  2. Motivate.
  3. Design.
  4. Deliver.
  5. Evaluate.

What are the 6 steps in developing a training program? ›

6 steps for designing a training program for employees
  1. Target a specific role. ...
  2. Define three core functions. ...
  3. Determine essential knowledge and skills. ...
  4. Set topics for recurring practice. ...
  5. Detail learning systems. ...
  6. Measure outcomes.
Dec 10, 2021

What are the four steps in a training program? ›

For any training program to be successful it is very essential to follow a certain process. The basic process as illustrated in the figure below consists of four stages which are assessment, development, delivery and evaluation.

How much should a 3 minute video cost? ›

Some professionals offer video editing prices at $75 to $150 per hour. The average cost to edit a three-minute pre-shot video, meaning you are providing them all of the footage upfront, is $350-$400, which sometimes includes basic 2-D graphics, image, and audio upgrades.

How do you monetize training videos? ›

6 Effective Ways to Monetize Your Educational Videos
  1. Offering Access to Your Audience. ...
  2. Paying to View. ...
  3. Selling Subscriptions. ...
  4. Using Affiliates. ...
  5. Offering Online Courses. ...
  6. Paying for Electronic Downloads.
Oct 26, 2022

How much does it cost to create online training? ›

At an estimated 80 to 280 hours required to develop a 1-hour course, you can expect to pay roughly $5,850 USD to over $15,000 USD to get a fully polished course, in addition to the cost of your Instructional Designer (ID) and SME.

How do you record virtual training? ›

6 Steps for Recording Engaging Lecture Videos
  1. Prepare your lecture and slides.
  2. Download your lecture capture software or app.
  3. Optimize audio and video quality.
  4. Record a test video to check the quality of your audio and video.
  5. Record and edit with your lecture capture software or app.
  6. Share your lecture video to your LMS.
Aug 2, 2022

What is a short training video called? ›

Microvideos are very short, highly focused instructional videos that typically teach a single, narrow topic. They're usually less than a minute long. They can be highly polished and professional or very informal, depending on your needs.

How do I get Canva Pro for free? ›

How to get canva pro for free with a free trial option?
  1. Step 1: Sign up for the Canva Pro platform. The first step is to register yourself as an official user of Canva Pro. ...
  2. Step 2: Enter your payment details. ...
  3. Step 3: Start creating designs with Canva Pro. ...
  4. Step 4: Enjoy the features of Canva Pro.
Feb 7, 2023

Are Canva tutorials for free? ›

For anyone wanting to design anything, on your own or with others. And it's free forever. For individuals wanting unlimited access to premium content and design tools.

Are all Canva videos copyright free? ›

What is allowed? All free photos, music and video files on Canva can be used for free for commercial and noncommercial use. If a photo, music or video file contains an identifiable person, place, logo or trademark, please ensure you check the image source or contact us if you're unsure.

Which is the No 1 video editing app? ›

A scaled-down version of Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush is the best video editing app overall. It's great for beginners, but also useful for pros because you can move footage back and forth into Premiere Pro. There's a free version too!

How do I start professional video editing? ›

How to Start a Career in Video Editing
  1. Take the early jobs, even if they're not in editing. ...
  2. Look for connections with peers and classmates. ...
  3. Don't discount an apprenticeship. ...
  4. Remember: there's more to filmmaking than being a director. ...
  5. Work with as many people as possible, and learn from the experience.
Sep 2, 2022

How much do professional video editors make a year? ›

Video Editor Salary
25th Percentile Video Editor Salary$53,001US
50th Percentile Video Editor Salary$59,495US
75th Percentile Video Editor Salary$66,785US
90th Percentile Video Editor Salary$73,422US
1 more row

What is the best tool to create videos? ›

Our Picks for 11 Best Online Video Makers
  • Adobe Spark.
  • Animoto.
  • Flyr.
  • Kizoa.
  • ClipChamp.
  • HippoVideo.
  • WeVideo.
  • Biteable.

Which software is free for educational video making? ›

Animoto is a free classroom tool for educators, students, and administrators. Easily create and share videos with your class, with parents, and beyond. No software downloads required.

What is the most simple video editing software? ›

13 Best Easy-to-Use Video Editing Software for Beginners [2023]
  • PowerDirector - Best Overall.
  • Corel VideoStudio Ultimate - Best for Face Effects.
  • VideoProc Vlogger - Best for Speed Adjustments.
  • iMovie - Best for Instant Movies.
  • OpenShot - Best Open-Source Video Editor.
  • VideoPad - Best for Social Media.
Nov 4, 2022

Is Canva good for video editing? ›

Canva offers many templates you can use for any video. Apart from the images, videos, and audio you can upload yourself, you can also use this video editing tool's rich library of pre-licensed audio tracks, stock videos, images, and elements.

What is the best free video editor without watermark? ›

15 Best Free Video Editing Software With No Watermark in 2023
  • VideoPad Video Editor - Best for First-Time Editors.
  • Lightworks - Best Versatile Editor.
  • Shotcut - Best for Green Screen Effects.
  • Icecream Video Editor - Best for Short Videos.
  • VideoProc Vlogger - Best for Action Cam Footage.
  • VSDC Free Video Editor - Best for CPU.
Feb 17, 2023

How do you make a professional video? ›

10 Beginner Video Tips for Making Professional Videos
  1. 1 Plan Ahead for Your Video. ...
  2. 2 Use a High-Quality Camera. ...
  3. 3 Make sure you have enough lighting. ...
  4. 4 Upgrade the Audio Quality. ...
  5. 5 Use a Powerful Video Editing Software. ...
  6. 6 Avoid Using Shaky Footage. ...
  7. 7 Improve Your Video Composition. ...
  8. 8 Be Comfortable on Camera.
Dec 28, 2021

How do you create a virtual training? ›

5 tips for designing effective online courses in 2023
  1. Know Your Audience. ...
  2. Create Well-Organized Courses / Micro-Learning. ...
  3. Make Your Lessons Interactive. ...
  4. Incorporate Synchronous and Asynchronous e-Learning Styles. ...
  5. Make Content Accessible.

What software is used to make video tutorials? ›

Free Video Tutorial Software
  1. Open Broadcaster. OBS Studio is a video maker and open broadcaster software designed specifically for video recording and live streaming. ...
  2. Free Cam. Free Cam is another great example of tutorial software. ...
  3. Ezvid. ...
  4. CamStudio. ...
  5. Webinaria. ...
  6. Screen-O-Matic. ...
  7. Icecream Screen Recorder.
Feb 22, 2023

What should be included in a training video? ›

What should be included in a training video? A good training video should include relevant instructions to the task or process you're training for (with learning objectives), a clear narrative, and interactive elements to ensure understanding.

How long does it take to create a 5-minute training video? ›

Although a typical 5-minute 2D animation video can take 2-5 months to produce. The average time to produce a 60-90 second explainer video is 6 weeks. What is the time distribution across the stages? Let's take a look.

How much should I charge for a 5-minute video? ›

5-Minute Video Cost. Depending on the type of video, pricing generally range anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000 per finished minute. It's better to refer to averages when creating your budget, so a safe estimate for 5-minute videos would be $3,000 per finished minute.

How do I make interactive training online? ›

Time to take a closer look at each practice.
  1. Incorporate an interactive element on each slide. ...
  2. Add digital storytelling to your courses. ...
  3. Include interactive 360° images and videos. ...
  4. Create simulated environments where learners can freely practice. ...
  5. Devise branching scenarios.
May 19, 2020

How do I start an online training platform? ›

Building an E-Learning Platform: Steps to Implement
  1. Find Your Idea. ...
  2. Research Your Niche. ...
  3. Choose A Business Model. ...
  4. Choose The Development Approach. ...
  5. Add Interesting Features. ...
  6. Some basic features of the three categories are:
  7. Test Your Idea On Users. ...
  8. Engage With Your Users.
Jun 11, 2022


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