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14 Websites To Learn Sign Language Lessons Online (Free And Paid) - CMUSE (1)

Learn Sign Language Lessons Online

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Sign Language is not easy to learn as there are certain complications involved. It includes keeping your whole-body language ready to adapt and communicate your feelings or needs adequately.

Sign language is mostly used by those who are especially abled and cannot speak or listen. While there are thousands of languages being spoken and understood in the world, sign language has a unique characteristic that makes it significant from all the other languages.

Every language varies in form of words, accent and pronunciation. Even if it is the same language, regional changes are expected and you cannot possibly find a language being spoken, written or understood unanimously in the world.

However, Sign language remains to be same around the world and has its own movements and gestures that allow people to communicate without using voice. While there is a widely believed concept of only those using the sign language those cannot listen or speak, it is not entirely true.

The sign language is being widely used amongst all type of people in the world. You might have seen a sign language interpreter on even some TV programs that is translating the news or content of the on-air program in sign language for those who cannot hear to understand.

There are also your flight attendants in each flight that use sign-language to communicate with those passengers who are unable to hear the voices so they are aware of the safety protocols and procedures.

Moving further, if you are unable to hear or speak and want to learn the sign language online, there are plenty of websites that can help you with that. Rather you want to focus on just understanding or communicating yourself, they are a great help so that you can efficiently be able to use sign language and understand it while sitting at your home.

Following are some of the websites that can help you with your learning journey online:

14 Websites To Learn Sign Language Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

14 Websites To Learn Sign Language Lessons Online (Free And Paid) - CMUSE (2)

Udemy is one of the largest online learning platforms. You can just think of a niche that you need to learn online and they are like a genie who got a perfect solution for you.

While you look at them this way, there are not a limited number of courses on each subject and you will always find a buffet to choose from on Udemy.com.

They offer a highly interactive and easy sign-up process that allows you to register for an account on the website without any costs. After you have registered for the account, you can use one account for your multiple courses and manage them all in one place.

The course you pay for will not go away anytime. Hence, you can learn at your own suitable pace when you have time for it. You can also come back to Udemy.com for learning later or revisions, since you have got lifetime access to the purchased course.

There are some highly useful and comprehensive courses available on the website that will allow you learn sign language in no time at all. They are offering some valuable features that include

• No subscription fees

• Unlimited access to courses

• Self-paced teaching programs

• Top-notch support services

2) Lynda

14 Websites To Learn Sign Language Lessons Online (Free And Paid) - CMUSE (3)

Lynda.com is powered by Linked In. For all those who are familiar with the name know that Linked IN is a website that offers you access to a social networking platform but for corporate use.

Similarly, Lynda is the next step after Linked In and Linked In jobs to help people learn critical skills that can help them get and move forward with their jobs.

Lynda.com offers a variety of free and paid learning materials on versatile professional and semi-professional topics that will enable you to be confident when you are applying for a job and have the right skillset to qualify.

To help all those special people who do cannot speak or listen, Lynda.com is offering a highly effective program to help them learn sign language.

There is a free one-month trial as well and after that you can pay for a monthly fee and have access to Lynda.com training manuals indefinitely.Some great features they offer are:

• All the critical skills at one place

• Professional outreach

• One-month free trial

• No obligations, cancel anytime

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3) EDX

14 Websites To Learn Sign Language Lessons Online (Free And Paid) - CMUSE (4)

EDx.org is a great website that allows you to have online educational access at the comfort of your home. The website is great in terms of the quality and diversity of courses available online.

There are some highly impeccable and great courses listed on the website that are verified and help you learn the sign language.

The website offers you access to these courses a single registration. There are self-paced, guided and online class-based courses that can enable you to learn sign language at the comfort of your home.

The best part about this website is that there are no obligations and you can cancel anytime you want. The website is offering some of the top features including highly comprehensive training programs and a wide variety of courses available.

This might be the perfect choice for you if you are looking to get the best online education on some top website. The best features about them are:

• Self-paced trainings

• Online classes to join

• Variety of classes to choose from

• Carefully structured course material

4) Preply

14 Websites To Learn Sign Language Lessons Online (Free And Paid) - CMUSE (5)

Preply.com is the right website to get you guidance on virtually anything online. If you consider learning sign language, they are here to help with their interactive interface and a great number of instructors online that have extensive experience of teaching sign-language in real life.

If you look at it this way, you can learn from pre-recorded lessons but cannot have the guidance of an actual instructor if you use them.

Preply eliminates that issue for you by offering you with an opportunity to find the right instructor that can help you learn sign language online.

There are no subscription fess and all you need to do is pay for the per hour fee of instructor you will be choosing. Some of their top features are:

• Instructor based training

• No registration fees

• Pay for the time you learn

5) SkillShare

14 Websites To Learn Sign Language Lessons Online (Free And Paid) - CMUSE (6)

SkillShare.com is simply one of the best platforms to learn any skill online. They support thousands of skills being taught online. From educational courses to horse riding and sign language, you name it.

They have got an excellent variety of courses on sign language that are highly comprehensive and efficient in learning sign language. Whatever you can think of, they got you covered.

Each course listed on the website is highly impeccable in terms of quality and understanding. While you think of it like an ordinary online learning website, it is not.

They only charge you a minimal subscription fee that will enable you to learn from the very best online, sitting at the comfort of your home.Website also offers you access to thousands of online courses that are free and you can get access to those without paying the subscription fee on the website.

The website allows you to learn at your own-pace or choose for a guided training program for Sign language. Some of the benefits of using them are:

• Thousands of courses by one subscription

• No obligations, cancel anytime

• High quality standards

• Better understanding and assessments

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Visit Website

6) TakeLessons

14 Websites To Learn Sign Language Lessons Online (Free And Paid) - CMUSE (7)

There are multiple websites on the internet that can help you with the online lessons and pre-recorded classes. That is a useful method to learn some skill online but it comes with its fair share of drawbacks that are impossible to avoid.

Take Lessons is all about taking the next step in the world of online learning and making the process more comprehensive and convenient.It is an online learning platform that enables you the freedom to choose an instructor of your choice.

This way, you can decide on which instructor to learn from online and you will never have to worry about going through those pre-recorded lessons again.

The method of learning online from a personal teacher is being widely appreciated and people are adapting to learn from TakeLessons.com rather than those traditional online learning platforms that have pre-recorded lessons and you don’t have the options of getting guidance or any assistance from them.

There are some experts sign language instructors on the website that can help you with growing your knowledge and move from beginner to advanced level real quick. Some benefits of using Take Lessons.com are:

• No sign-up fees

• No recorded lectures

• Pay for what you learn

7) Study

14 Websites To Learn Sign Language Lessons Online (Free And Paid) - CMUSE (8)

Study.com is about getting you the best possible study material online. They are partnered with various institutions across the world and have brought their curriculum online.

Whether you are preparing for an exam, looking to earn some extra credit hours in a class or simply want to learn a new skill, they have a solution for you.

The website offers some highly comprehensive and easy to understand courses on multiple niches. There are certifications, degrees and classes for credit hours as well.

There are also some highly useful and advanced courses listed on the website that will enable you learn sign language easily. With Study.com, you can be confident to have the access to most authentic course materials and in-depth insight on these courses.

You can also choose to have guided trainings on some of these highly informative courses. Salient features of the website are:

• Numerous courses on each topic

• Certifications, degrees and credit hours

8) SignLanguage101

14 Websites To Learn Sign Language Lessons Online (Free And Paid) - CMUSE (9)

Signlanguage101.com is a great help for everyone who is not able to speak or listen. This website is dedicated to teaching sign language online and presents everyone with an opportunity to be able to communicate with other people around them.

For all those who are not able to speak, or want to communicate with someone like that, sign language is a must. Hence, this website is free to use and does not charge you anything at all.

However, they take donations and you can donate as much as you want or can afford to keep the website up and running. The best part is that unlike other free websites there are no ads at all.

The learning process is seamless and easy on this website.The website has learning program for people of all ages to understand and learn sign-language efficiently that will enable them to communicate with other people efficiently.

This website is a great help for those who want to learn sign language for their day-to-day communication. Some of the great features that make this website a right choice for everyone are:

• Dedicated sign language website

• Easy to understand

• Learning for all ages



9) SchoolOfSignLanguage

14 Websites To Learn Sign Language Lessons Online (Free And Paid) - CMUSE (10)

School of Sign language is another website that focuses on helping the community rather than making money. This website is absolutely free to use and you can get best assistance when it comes to learning sign language on the website.

There are some highly commendable features of this website that makes it a right option for those who want to learn sign language for their everyday communication.

Sign language is a must learn skill for all even if they can speak and hear as you may need to communicate with someone who cannot.

This website is run by a support community without any ads and provides you with a free learning process that is suitable for all ages. Some top advantages of using them are:

• Goal-oriented learning process

• No ads

• Free and run by a support community

10) StartASL

14 Websites To Learn Sign Language Lessons Online (Free And Paid) - CMUSE (11)

The times when you could enjoy a session with an interesting group of people but youcouldn’t move forward only because you didn’t understand the sign language.

But we believethat there must be no regrets in one’s life and they need to keep on with learning new things.So, if you have always wanted to learn sign language or you need to learn it, this course hasbeen designed for you.

With these lessons, you will be able to learn the sign language in aninteractive and engaging way. We haven’t added anything that bores the students.Once you finish the course, you will be able to sit in any place that you want without losingyour confidence or having any hesitation.

Through this course, the students can learn thedeeper language while focusing on the grammar. In addition, the students will be able tolearn the sign language quickly and track the performance along with it.

Over years, over 5,000 students have learned sign language through this platform and thewell-integrated and comprehensive course has helped them move forward in their life. Salient features that they offer are:

• Community support

• Confident learning

• Easy to understand learning process

11) Reed

14 Websites To Learn Sign Language Lessons Online (Free And Paid) - CMUSE (12)

Moving forward in life is very easy and normal for people who have all their senses functioning properly and all their organs performing as they are supposed to. In contrast,there are some people who don’t have the liberty to listen to everything because they are deaf.

However, this shouldn’t mean that they cannot live a peaceful life or get away and forward in life. This is because sign language can become their ultimate savior to help them communicate and share their ideas.

But when it comes to learning the sign language,choosing the right platform is essential.This platform has multiple courses through which deaf people can learn the sign language and live a normal life.

These courses are available online to make sure there is no uncomfortable factor. In addition, the students can learn from the comfort of their home without walking under the eyes of people who don’t understand the sensitivity.

There are video lessons with subtitles to help you grasp the meaning of signs with subtitle sand actions. In addition, you can also get your hands on reading material for free time learning that helps in learning the language quickly. Some notable features of website are:

• Easy to understand material

• Variety of courses

• Choose the course you want

• Unlimited access to course material

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12) Gale

14 Websites To Learn Sign Language Lessons Online (Free And Paid) - CMUSE (13)

No matter where you live or who your friends are, you always need to be ready to helppeople who have issues in hearing. This is where you will need to talk in signs and to makesure that you are communicating effectively, we have added information about this onlinecourse.

There are many deaf people who get depressed simply because they aren’t understood by alot of people and they can’t interpret anything simply because they are deaf. So, if you wantto make sure that nobody feels that way, learning the sign language is a better choice.

With this platform and sign language learning, you will be able to communicate with deafpeople and they will be able to understand you.All the courses are available online, so the students can learn everything online withoutworrying about the schedule or commute issues.

Also, in addition to the video lessons, thereare quizzes to interpret the current performance and see where improvement can be made. Their notable features are:

• Informative courses

• Experienced faculty

• Quiz and assessments

13) SignItASL

14 Websites To Learn Sign Language Lessons Online (Free And Paid) - CMUSE (14)

Being a deaf person isn’t easy because one of the biggest issues is not having people beingable to understand you or listen to what people are replying to in turn.

This is why learningthe sign language is integral and can help in optimizing the overall communication when outor when in some gathering.This course has been designed for the deaf people or everyone else who wants to learn signlanguage for enhancing communication.

The course has been designed over acomprehensive guide through which standardized techniques are implemented for learning.The students will be able to learn the language in the most efficient way possible.

All the lessons have been designed to be engaging and interactive, promising that you won’tyawn because there are zero boring factors. The course is an apt choice for people who arenew to the sign language and want to learn from the scratch.

All the basics will be taughtthrough this course to ensure we are laying the foundation just right! They add value using:

• Standardized techniques

• Highly optimized learning

14) ClassCentral

14 Websites To Learn Sign Language Lessons Online (Free And Paid) - CMUSE (15)

Class central is like an institution that gives you access to all the universities in one place. They offer you a platform that will allow you to learn from any website online in one place.

Class Central is aimed to make online learning easy and convenient with no hidden terms or obligations. Their core focus is on helping all those who want to learn online through various teaching methods and institutions.

If you are confused on what type of online course would be best for you, and which website to choose, you don’t need to think anymore. Class Central has self-paced, guided and class-room based online training programs that can help you learn sign language in no time at all.

This is the most innovative and detailed platform to be able to learn sign-language online. They also have courses from other online learning website listed all in one place so you can compare and choose wisely for yourself. Their top features would be:

• Effective comparison

• Different learning methods

• The best value for money

• Huge course library

Choosing The Best Sign Language Lesson Online

Sign language can be a bit complicated to learn an understand. You might be a person who cannot speak or listen, or you need to communicate with someone who cannot.

Anyways, you will need to have complete command over the sign language to be able to make the communication effective. While there are institutions that can teach you sign language, there are some websites as well that offer you these learning programs at the comfort of your home.

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You can read this review and decide which website would work best for you.


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