10 Cheapest Nursing Schools in the Philippines (FAQs) | 2023 (2023)

This article indicates the Cheapest Nursing Schools in the Philippines, stating the updated 2023 tuition fees for all the universities.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Philippines is the largest supplier of skilled health professionals globally, with 70 percent of newly licensed Filipino nurses seeking employment each year.

These health workers are not less trained but properly trained towards delivering the best on their job.

The best Philippine nursing schools produce the most number of graduates, not just graduates alone, but with the highest overall passing rate on the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) board exams for nursing.

Studying in the Philippines and knowing the best schools to attend with fewer tuition fees is ok. Schooling will only get easy when you have the resources for it.

Delve in as I take you on a tour of the best schools you can attend in the Philippines.

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Why Study Nursing?

The role of nurses in modern healthcare systems cannot be overstated.

They assist doctors and nurses with medication administration, offer emotional and physical comfort to patients experiencing distress, and reassure concerned loved ones.

Despite the popularity of nursing as a field of study and employment, many countries have a shortage of nurses.

A day in the life of a nurse is never dull. With each passing day, new patients, new challenges, and the ongoing need to prioritize care can all be expected.

The focus of your nursing education also affects the kind of work you do. However, it’s important to remember that you’re free to switch between different fields and departments if you so want.

How is Nursing in the Philippines?

Working as a registered nurse in the Philippines is impossible without a Bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Despite this, several colleges and universities in the United States offer Master’s and Doctoral degrees in the topic.

As a result, you can continue your education and earn a competitive advantage in the job market.

More so, it’s good to be conscious of one’s health, and knowing about the more in-depth and essential aspects of health care is a fascinating experience.

Nursing salaries in the Philippines are among the lowest in the world. These wages aren’t enough to sustain a large family, but it is a rewarding job!

In the Philippines, just as in any other country, you must complete a few requirements before enrolling in a nursing program.

There may be some differences in requirements between universities, but the overall concept is the same.

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One of the first requirements is submitting your high school transcript and one or two letters of recommendation from your former school.

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IELTS or TOEFL results may also be required if English was not your first language in high school or if you are not a natural English speaker.

Is the Philippines a Good Place to Study Nursing?

The best way to become a nurse is to attend nursing school, and the Philippines is home to many excellent nursing graduates from many institutions.

To become a registered nurse (RN), one must complete a four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), which emphasizes developing specific skills, involvement in the local community, and ethical practice.

It’s common knowledge that nurses in the Philippines earn between PHP 35,000 and PHP 38,000 monthly on average.

What Languages Can You Study Nursing in?

Foreigners and native Filipinos alike speak English fluently throughout the Philippine Islands.

The language of instruction, on the other hand, differs depending on the location of the university. For the most part, educational institutions offer their courses in English.

For example, competence in English is a requirement for overseas students applying to the University of Santo Tomas.

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Cheapest Nursing Schools in the Philippines:

The following is a list of ten schools in the Philippines with cheap tuition for students.

1. Silliman University (SU)

Silliman University is a Presbyterian private research university that has over ten colleges. They offer both Bachelor of Science degrees and Doctorate degrees (Ph.D.).

You can also acquire a Master’s degree in any specialized area of nursing.

You can choose any nursing course you love and adequately cope without stress. The practical sessions are held in the school’s hospital.

On the other hand, the BSN program is structured to align better nursing education with national development goals and to better prepare students for a career in the healthcare sector.

This program’s goal is to graduate a competent nurse by the Policies and Standards of Nursing Education, 1984.

Silliman University is one of the Cheapest Nursing Schools in the Philippines.

Check out the 2023 fees

2. Saint Louis University (SLU)

Saint Louis University has a 15-acre mountainous city campus with nine colleges, including the college of nursing.

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This nursing school offers two undergraduate courses, the Associate in Health Science Education degree (AHSE) and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

Graduate studies also in various nursing fields such as adult health, mental health, nursing administration, and others.

The practical sessions are held in the school system’s well-equipped hospital built and managed. Properly trained personnel are the guides for these young aspiring nurses.

Check out the 2023 fees

3. Trinity University of Asia (TUA)

This school was officially accredited with university status in 2006, even though its various collegiate courses go way back to its original establishment date, 1963.

Its current academic nursing courses also include BSN and AHSE.

Students at the Trinity University of Asia, St. Luke’s College of Nursing train in the school’s base hospital, the prestigious St. Luke’s Medical Center, one of Southeast Asia’s leading hospitals for more than a century now, topping other hospitals in the country with well equipped and up to standard equipment and apparatus.

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About School

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Cheapest Nursing Schools in the Philippines

4. University of Santo Tomas (UST)

This school was established in 1611. The University of Santo Tomas is the oldest existing university in Asia.

Its Faculty of Medicine & Surgery and Faculty of Pharmacy date back to 1871, and today, it offers a complete curriculum on the medical sciences, including the College of Nursing’s BSN.

Nursing students train at the University of Santo Tomas Hospital to acquire knowledge and horsemanship.

Check out the 2023 Fees

5. St. Paul University-Tuguegarao

This school offers a BSN, a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BSPharm), and a bachelor of science in medical technology (BSMedTech).

Also, the graduate school offers Masters in Arts in Nursing (MAN), a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), and a Doctorate in Nursing Science (DNS).

All of these degrees can be found in this school. As you enroll, you’re entitled to every benefit with your course of study.

More so, SNAHS has built a strong reputation throughout the years. The institution rates high on Professional Board Exams and has a global presence.

Administrators and faculty members instill in their students a strong sense of caring for their fellow humans and upholding the sanctity of life and dignity of every person.

Check out the 2023 fees

6. Central Philippine University (CPU)

Central Philippine University is one of the Cheapest Nursing Schools in the Philippines.


It is a century-old nonprofit Christian institution that offers various graduate and undergraduate programs from its 60-acre campus in Iloilo City.

The Central Philippine University College of Nursing also offers BSN and AHSE courses. Their school of graduate studies also offers master’s degrees in nursing.

As much as the courses here are mouth-watering, the tuition is cheap and affordable to everyone, irrespective of their background.

Check out the 2023 fees

7. Cebu Doctors’ University

This medical university consistently graduated top national graduates in the national medical board exams. For students aspiring to be nurses, the university offers a BSN and a Master’s degree in nursing arts.

Students can major in medical-surgical nursing, psychiatric nursing, maternal child nursing, and more. Cebu Doctors’ University is one of the Cheapest Nursing Schools in the Philippines.

Check out the 2023 fees.

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8. De La Salle University Dasmariñas – Health Sciences Campus

De La Salle’s Health Sciences campus may have been established originally in 1977, but it’s managed by the 100-year-old De La Salle University-Manila system.

The other campus houses the Health Sciences campus and has medicine, physical therapy, medical radiation technology, nursing, and midwifery.

The school only offers two nursing courses: BSN and Bachelor of Science in Midwifery.

Its central teaching hospital is the De La Salle University Medical Center, where everything practical is carried out.

Check out the 2023 fees

Cheapest Nursing Schools in the Philippines

10. Saint Mary’s University

St. Mary’s University offers BSN, Midwifery, and Master of Science in Nursing (MSN).

A leading undergraduate institution in Canada, renowned for its worldwide connections, innovative spirit, and cutting-edge research.

Over 7,000 students from over 118 countries are enrolled in our undergraduate and graduate programs in the arts, sciences, business, and graduate studies.

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Saint Mary’s University enjoys a prime location in the historic district of Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada, surrounded by parks and a short distance from the ocean.

Nurses from Saint Mary’s University have continually bested their colleagues from other universities at every national medical examination.

Their graduates’ performance in the national board exams has kept Saint Mary’s within the top 10 nursing schools since the beginning of the 2000s.

Check out the 2023 fees


11. San Pedro College

San Pedro College is a private Catholic college. The school’s range of undergraduate and graduate courses is primarily dominant in professional health care and IT.

Aside from medical courses like pharmacy, medical technology, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, biology, and psychology, it offers graduate nursing, BSN, and a certified nursing aide program and has its name credited at the national medical examination.

Check out the 2023 fees

Frequently Asked Questions on the Cheapest Nursing Schools in the Philippines:

How many years do you study to become a nurse in nursing?

If you’re interested in becoming an RN, you’ll need to attend an accredited school or college of nursing, which the hospital runs. An associate’s degree in nursing takes five years to complete, whereas the three-year program in registered nursing at a nursing or midwifery school takes just as long.

What are the requirements for a school of nursing?

A graduated Bachelor’s degree.
Official transcript of records (grade list)
GPA scores.
A resume with relevant experience in the field of Nursing

Does nursing have math?

Nursing does not necessitate complex mathematics, but the education required to become a nurse does. A surprising amount of nursing math incorporates calculus, even though most students know it is necessary to have a basic understanding of algebra and trigonometry.

How difficult is nursing school?

School for nurses can be difficult. Getting ready for patient care is easier when immersed in an intensive curriculum like this. There are looming deadlines, difficult labs, and demanding tests. You may feel fatigued, burned out, or defeated at times.

Can I study nursing without biology?

A strong background in Biology is desirable but not always required for admission to nursing programs. Once you begin the level of study required for a nursing degree, you will be able to begin acquiring this information in greater depth because it is a required course of study.


Going to a nursing school or being a nurse will be complicated if the funds needed to actualize that purpose are not found.

The road to success is always demanding, but knowing exactly how to tread with the right amount of information is possible.


With the information above, it’s necessary to note that any of the following universities will be affordable for anyone to attend.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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